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FAQs 2017-05-18T22:30:11+00:00

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Which currency pairs do I trade and why? 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00

The Trinity FX system can be traded on any and all currency pairs. Here is a breakdown of the best currency pairs to trade and why.

Trend CCI and Entry CCI 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00

What is the trend CCI and the Entry CCI and how can I better understand it’s value in using the system?

The Trend CCI is defining the trend in place for us. Which means if the value of the TrendCCI is positive price is currently in an up trend. If the value of the TrendCCI is negative price is in a down trend. So to sum it up the Trend CCI defines the trend, when it is positive the trend is up and when it is negative the trend is down. You can also place your mouse of the last price bar to complete/close and read inside the Data Window of MT4 the value of the Trend CCI.

The Entry CCI provides us a reading of the current price momentum. It is an early warning sign. We use the Entry CCI for counter-trend trades. When the Entry CCI moves to the opposite side of the trend in place (Trend CCI reading) we have an alert or early warning signal that the trend may be changing. When the Entry CCI does show a signal that the trend could be changing and then price confirms that by making a lower low (when looking for a sell trade) or price makes a higher high (when looking for a buy side counter-trend trade) we enter the market looking for a counter-trend trade. The reason it is counter-trend is because we define the current trend in place through the Trend CCI which will have an opposite reading at the time of entry.

How to Know if the Trend is Above/Below ‘0’ Line 2015-11-26T17:02:10+00:00

Hi Jordan

Could you please make me understand below/above ‘0’ level
there are two lines and green/red bars
which of them should be above or below the level before taking a trade


To know if the Trend is above or below the 0 line open up the Data Window in your MT4. Click VIEW > DATA WINDOW from the Mt4 top toolbar.

Then with your mouse over the last price bar to close read inside the Data Window the TrendCCI reading. If that is a positive reading it is above the 0 line and if it is a negative reading it is below the 0 line. Do not look at the color of the bar but the reading itself.

Can you have both Long and Short trades open at the same time? 2015-11-26T17:00:24+00:00

You can have open Trend Trades in one direction and if criteria exists place orders for Counter-trend trades in the other direction.

You will have scalping trades each period.

The only time you will not have Trend criteria is when you have open Trend trades without the stop moved.

It is possible to have both long and short trades open at the same time.

How to calculate the spread 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00

The spread is the difference between the bid and ask price.

In this case the difference between the bid and ask price is 2 pips. THat is the spread. You would take the high of the candle +1 pip + spread (2 pips in this case).
Understanding the ATR (Average True Range) 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00

Hello Jordan,

I’m having a look at setting the stop loss once take profit was reached on the Follow Trend.

But I don’t understand the ATR (Average True Range) or how t work it out.

Can you maybe shed some light on it please?


Please give a quick look at this video and let me know if it helps or what exactly I can explain further to be more helpful so i can redo the video if needed.

Brief info on ATR

To know the current ATR reading place your mouse on the previous price bar (the most recent to complete) and looking inside your Data Window of MT4 under MTF_ATR, the eurusd for example reads 0.0099

0.0099 is 99 pips. Pairs are different. On the eurusd you need to move the decimal place 4 places. For example 0.0112 would be 112 pip ATR.
Quick Tip to make placing orders even faster…. 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00
I watched your video from the training session.  I found it to be very informative with a ton of info.
One thing you didn’t mention that I’ve found to help place orders is to set hot keys to open the script and to delete pending orders.
Right click the “Trinity FX” script in Navigator and set a hot key to “Trinity FX” and one to “TrinityDelete”  Then to open the script place your cursor on the price bar you wish to use for your trade criteria and hit ALT and your assigned hot key.  This locks in the data window to the correct info and opens the script window.  Its easier than placing your cursor on the correct price bar and trying to drag it up or down in a straight line.  (less room for error)
Deleting pending orders is even easier.  Just click ALT and your assigned hot key and all pending orders “magically” start to disappear. All open orders are not effected.
Hope this is useful, have a great weekend!!!!!!!!
Bob (Templar)
Script Issues 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00
  1. If you using ECN brokers use x10 the factor number under money management and that should have the script place orders.
  2. When entering the PriceFs allow for a large enough spread on your buy orders. Place a pip or 2 higher then what the actually spread was and add that to the PriceFs and should fix any issue.
  3. Also make sure when you go into your tools menu and then options, click on experts advisor and make sure DLL imports is checked and allow automated trading.
  4. If that is all set then when you click on Trinity fx to allow your pending orders to appear make sure your live trading is clicked and the DLL imports also Allow import of external experts.
  5. Finally, make sure your Auto trading button is also clicked.
Script for Placing Orders 2017-05-18T22:30:16+00:00

We now have a script for placing orders! This makes things much easier on us.

  • Trinity FX script –
  • Delete pending orders –

Video Tutorials for downloading/placing orders –

What are the True Trend settings? 2015-11-26T16:34:13+00:00

For Conquer V2 only the TrendCCI is used.

The True Trend value “20” on the TrendCCI period (EntryCCI is not used at all so that is “0”) and you are only looking for buy entries when the TrendCCI is positive and sell entries when it is negative.

Conquer V2 True Trend settings