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How Conquer V2 Works

How Conquer V2 Works 2017-05-18T22:30:14+00:00

This review of the Conquer V2 will help you understand how the system works. Knowledge of system will build your confidence in turn helping you stick to the rules and trade through all market conditions.

How The Conquer V2 Trading System Works

JCL’s forex trading system is a trend following system that holds on to its winning trades and cuts its losses short quickly. It utilizes incredible money management and trade management. The system is able to withstand consolation periods with small manageable draw downs waiting for the market to expand again and profit exceedingly when it does. The core of the system is the favorable risk to reward ratios ranging from 1:3 to as high as 1:12 on each trade and positions sizes with variable stop losses & targets depending on current market volatility.

We all know markets go through periods of consolidation and expansion. During consolidation periods the system losses are able to lessen with market volatility and then increase its profits during market expansion periods.

How to be a mentality tough trader

Most retail traders truly have the desire to be right. They actual prefer to prove themselves right in each trade and would rather ride a trade out that is going against them hoping the trade comes back to just break even so that they can exit. This may be human nature but it is a recipe for disaster for a trader.

Before I begin trading each year I fully understand I am going to have at least two draw downs during the course of the year and I expect those draw downs to be 10-15% of my account balance. I know this before I begin! I also know that I am going to take more trades that are losses than are winners. I also know that is I stick to my system I am going to be profitable.

Dr. Van K Tharp of the Van Tharp Institute and the only trading coach featured in Jack Schwager’s best selling book, “The Market Wizard’s: Interviews with Great Traders” goes on to point out, “Most successful traders achieve success by controlling risk. Controlling risk goes against our natural tendencies. Risk control requires a tremendous internal control

This Forex Trading System is all about controlling risk.

Each trade is entered in three pieces all of different sizes with a stop loss that is 1/3 the size of the initial take profit level.

As soon as the trade moved half way to the 1st take profit level the stop loss is moved to just over break even, minimizing risk as soon as possible.

After each take profit level is reached further profit is locked in through moving the stop loss further reducing risk.

In consolidation periods the potential risk is reduced per trade while in expanding markets the potential profit on each trade is increased which controls the overall risk of the system in favorable and non-favorable market conditions.

The system’s win to loss ratio

If you ask the average trader what win to loss ratio they prefer to trade they will most likely tell you that a system with at least an 85% win ratio is acceptable.

Dr Van K Tharp also tells us, “Most successful speculators have success rates of 35-50%. They are not successful because they predict well prices, but because the size of their profitable trades far exceeds the size of their losses.

While in the book “Trading to win: the psychology of mastering the markets” by Ari Kiev, M.D. also concludes, “The best traders have certain characteristic, measurable trading patterns. The largest percentage of their profitability comes from a small percentage of their trades. This means success comes from a small number of very large trades, where they have developed an edge.

The Conquer V2 has a win ratio of under 50% at just 47%. This means that 53% of all trades stop out at a loss! Another 21% of all trades stop out at +10 pips. This means that only 26% of all trades go onto profit and it is from this 26% of all trades that the system is able to be highly profitable. The fact of the matter is that most retail traders cannot understand this. Now go back and reread the last two quotes above about the best traders and how they make their gains.

Here is a snapshot of a period to give you a better understanding: Total trades: 1681

Note: The stopped out column on order 1 is +10 pips, on order 2 is +1/2 ATR, and on order 3 is +1x ATR.

  • 53% of all trades stop out @ loss
  • 21% of all trades stop out @ 10pips
  • 4% of all trades reaches full profit

Total Number of Pips: 59,237 pips

Some highly impressive stuff

The purpose of this review of the Conquer V2 trading system was to provide you with a greater understanding of the genius of the system giving you the proper mindset to be able to profit from it. Read the rules, learn the system, and gain experience trading it to fully understand how the system works. This will help you build the confidence to allow the system to trade through all market conditions and be there to profit when the market opens up.

The Conquer V2 will exceed all expectations, completely solid to the core with sound money management; position sizes, highly favorable risk management and risk to reward ratios.

Forex Trading

This forex system is like nothing you have seen before, completely solid to the core with sound money management; position sizes, highly favorable risk management and risk to reward ratios. Traded on price alone only using a modified average true range for take profit and stop levels depending on market volatility.

The vast majority of all traders, who consistently loss money, look to take small frequent gains and have their accounts wiped out by a few losing trades that account for substantial losses. It would then make sense, as their are very few profitable traders – take small frequent losses and hold onto winning trades that would account for substantial gains.

“Traders are always told you need a trading plan, you need to stick to the rules, you need to trade without emotion, you need good money management, and you need years of experience to succeed. That is all right…except for the years of experience part. Out of all the other online forex trading courses, this is the only place that you can find that hits all the important points, but you don’t need years of experience. You can turn the corner to profitability your first month trading.” – Michael, USA

This Conquer V2 is an advanced money management forex system that adds to winning positions giving experienced traders and first timers the ability to profit through the forex markets.