True Trend CCI for Trend Trading

Trend Following

While CCI trading I discovered and created a simple yet powerful indicator that is the best way to define the trend I have ever seen. 14 years of trading taught me that price action is everything and using an indicator to trade with the trend is very helpful.

Here is how it works. The green bars above or the red bars below the zero line are the True Trend and show if the current trend is up or down. Any reading of the true trend above the zero line is positive and means an uptrend in the market while any reading below the zero line negative or a downtrending market.

The thin blue line is called the EntryCCI. We use this to show when price is overbought or oversold against the trend. We are looking for the EntryCCI to be puled away opposite to the trend to have a setup and then wait for price to resume back toward the current trend.

True Trend Settings Modified

Here is the True Trend indicator settings for the inputs of the TrendCCI and EntryCCI periods:

 scanning the markets settings

Here are the settings I use on the color tab so that your True Trend can match mine including the blue EntryCCI:

Color tab settings

Here are the settings I use for my charts (ignore the moving average in the chart above as it is not used):

Chart Settings

Here is the download link for the True Trend indicator.

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